Frequently Asked Questions


What are the office hours?

The office hours vary depending on location. The office phone is answered Monday through Friday, from 9:00 to 5:00pm unless staff is in session. Voicemail is available to leave a message at 979-216-3020, and WCS would then get back as soon as possible.

Do you have any late office hours?

Appointments are made on an individual basis, and every effort is given to meet the need of the clients. Late appointments may be discussed.

What are the fees?

Here at Wells Counseling we keep rates reasonable and competitive with the state average. Wells Counseling is a private pay practice, each client is responsible for full payment.

$75 – First Session(Intake) Individual or Couple Assessment
$90 – Individual, Student, Adolescent (45 minutes)
$100 – Couple, or Family Counseling Session (50 minutes)
$115 – Psychological Assessment (50 minutes; phone first to request in advance)
$50/Person – Group Counseling Session (110 minutes)

Do you take insurance?

Regarding insurance providers, our practice provides documentation optimally configured for clients to submit to their insurance for a reimbursement of the fee. Just phone your insurance provider to check what their out of network provider reimbursement policy is. Our office does not file for the insurance.

How long do the sessions normal last?

Most sessions will last between 45-50 minutes. Some initial or psychosocial assessments can be scheduled for 90 minutes. Contact the office by phone or email if you have further questions.

How long does treatment typically last and how often?

Duration of treatment varies with each situation. Treatment can be effective within the first several weeks. For more intense concerns, the length of treatment can extend for longer periods of time. Frequency of treatment varies with each individual as well. However, several general guidelines are suggested. Weekly appointments are recommended at first, primarily to gain relational comfort and consistency then things can be adapted according to goals and depending on the unique needs of the individual.

Do you refer to psychiatrist or prescribe medication?

We are able to provide a list of several trusted, outstanding psychiatrist for when referrals are necessary, we also prefer to communicate with the psychiatrist as a team during treatment.
No, we do not prescribe medication, that is done exclusively by psychiatrist.

How am do I pay for the service?

At the time of the appointment we do require a fee due. Fee may be paid for with Cash, Check or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club or Discover). We do not accept American Express. Wells Counseling contains a PayPal invoice link to pay for the service prior to the session.