Student, Going Home for the Holidays?

The new trendy word for maturation into adulthood is “adulting” which is very relevant as Thanksgiving and the Christmas break approaches. Look at the below definitions for this word. Holidays and the semester break can be quite challenging with returning college students who are adulting at different rates and equally challenging for the students who return to old environments but with new dynamics.

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Ten Things to Know About Applying For College

My niece happens to be a senior and leads her high school class on the pursuit of being valedictorian, her class’s top position. I got into a conversation with her over the holidays about the college application process. Her insight was incredible, and her preparation very thorough. I thought I’d share her process with those of you who are applying as well or helping your kids apply. Here’s an article for you by Grace Wilding of Rockwall High School, Rockwall, Texas.

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Anger Management Therapy Group

Wells Counseling Services is pleased to offer a therapy group focusing on anger management. Please post the attached where appropriate. Groups: Grow Together - 8-Week anger management program Title: "Managing Emotions" Cost: $25/week Dates: Beginning October 1 until...

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Weathering the Storm

How Having Biblical Pillars in Marriage Can Help Us Love Our Spouses Better Last year during Hurricane Harvey, the wettest and most costly typhoid storm that has ever come out of the Atlantic, I was reminded of the story from the Great Galveston hurricane and flood of...

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