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David is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Texas LPC Board approved Supervisor who focuses on relational and spiritual issues in individual, marriage and family settings. David desires to see God impact peoples’ lives, praying for transformation and for healing in those he serves. David is a graduate of Texas A&M University, class of 1992.

David R. Wells

Clinical Director, Licensed Professional Counselor – Supervisor

David is the founding member of Wells Counseling Services. He began counseling clients in Houston in 1999. Wells Counseling Services was established in May of 2010 after David had ministered at churches while focusing on counseling individuals, families, and married couples. From January of 2013 until May 2016, David served as the Local and Global Outreach Minister at First Baptist Church Burleson before relocating to College Station, Texas to reopen Wells Counseling Services. In Burleson, he held the position of clinical director of their counseling center, job corps, benevolence ministries and oversaw strategy and direction for local and global missions.

For about ten years, David worked at the Associate Minister of Counseling Services at the Julianna Poor Memorial Counseling Center of Houston’s First Baptist. JPMCC is one of the leading church-based counseling centers in the United States. During his time there, the center grew to provide nearly 8000 hours of counseling service a year. While David worked there, he developed a passion for counseling and missions while several doors opened up for him to follow the Great Commission and pursue opportunities that consisted of improving cross-cultural workers relationship with God, themselves, and their families and the rest of creation. He also developed their practicum and internship programs.

David began his studies at Denver Seminary. Later on, he moved to Dallas where he attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and graduated in 1997. David is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor with a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. He desires to see God’s restoration in relationships and has a heart for premarital and marital counseling, father-son relationships, spiritual formation and missionary care. He was ordained at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas.

God has given David a love for the outdoors, especially the mountains which have become a place for learning and growing spiritually. He has a passion for backpacking, coaching and watching his sons’ sports, swimming and hunting. Unfortunately, he’s getting too old to play much basketball. The Lord has since placed a desire to explore God’s creativity through hiking, spiritual formation, and missions with plans to do more as God opens new doors. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University, class of 1992.


David is an ordained minister that is called by God into church service and counseling. He is licensed by the state of Texas as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor. David has a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Master of Arts in Religious Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1997. David also has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Speech Communication from Texas A&M University. David education has prepared him to provide therapy for individuals, adolescents, marriages, families, and groups in a Biblically and theologically manner as director of Wells Counseling Services.


David received his counseling license in June of 1999. Prior to this, David had finished an internship at multiple sites including Lake Point Baptist Church in Rockwall, Texas. David has also counseled at mental health facilities, a therapeutic school, in a private practice setting. From 1999 until 2009, David had served on the counseling staff at Houston’s First Baptist Church where he was the Associate Minister of Counseling Services. From July 2000, he directed practicum and internships programs and supervising others whom God was bringing into the field of counseling ministry. In 2009 David took a position as Associate Pastor of Community Groups and Counseling with Grace Bible Church in Houston Heights. Following that David then began the Wells Counseling Services in May of 2010 with the conviction that more churches need access to effective, low-cost, Biblical counseling. In January 2013, David joined First Baptist Church Burleson as the Minister of Local and Global Outreach, which he directed the counseling ministry for First Baptist Burleson in their Promises Counseling Ministry until pursuing a current journey in College Station.

Nature of Counseling

God has provided David with the desire to see families and relationships grow and strengthen. David works with the approach of a biblical perspective from Spiritual Direction, Family Systems, and Cognitive-Behavioral techniques. These techniques can vary from, active listening, assessments, homework, educational discussions, reading assignments, prayer, and therapeutic confrontation. throughout these techniques, it is important to focus on thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. Here we believe that emotions can be seen as the result of the consequences of our thoughts. The purpose of the counseling relationship is to reach specific goals for individual and relational growth, which are mutually agreed upon by both the client and counselor. David has a passion to help families, couples, students, and other individuals through a biblically based, cognitive-behavioral and solution-focused approach emphasizing spiritual direction. Davids desire is to see God’s restoration in relationships and see the hearts of many change.

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Haley Sechelski

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Haley has a passion for the Internal Family System approach, and through this theory emphasizes spiritual direction. The principle behind this type of therapy is that we all have “parts” within ourselves, sub personalities, which have different perspectives, motivations, goals, memories, and pain. IFS is a non-pathologizing approach which holds the belief that every part has a positive intention, even if it comes across as counterproductive or seems to cause dysfunction in the person’s life. Each person’s system is working to respond to its experience in the best way it knows. It is the therapist’s role to guide the client in an exploration of their parts and assist the client in understanding how to unburden and rebalance the different parts so that the core self-qualities can become clearer.

Haley excels in working with individuals who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, and ADHD/ADD. She also has a special interest in couples preparing for marriage, marital issues, infidelity, and restoration. She has a heart for helping married couples who are struggling to thrive and find healing even through the most devastating of times or simply when they have grown apart.

She has a passion for helping couples and individuals through a biblically-based, cognitive-behavioral, emotionally focused, and solution-focused approach emphasizing spiritual direction. 


In addition to Haley’s counseling experience, which includes couples, individual therapy, and group therapy, Haley has led and participated in different Bible studies in her college and adult life. Haley and her husband Matt have been married over 12 years and have 2 children.

Haley enjoys being involved in her current home church, and loves serving others. Haley’s hope is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Haley not only has experienced life’s heartbreaking trials and challenges but has also witnessed personal and marital restoration through the Lord’s goodness. The Lord offers fullness of life, which Haley believes can be experienced as people put their trust and faith in Him. 

Haley Sechelski received her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University and her undergraduate degree in Health Education from Texas A&M University. Haley is licensed in the State of Texas as a Marriage and Family Therapist. 


In addition to Haley’s counseling experience, which includes couples, individual therapy, and group therapy, Haley has led and participated in different Bible studies in her college and adult life. As a practicum student, Haley completed her graduate work at A&M Christian Counseling Center, Associates in Counseling, and Rock Prairie Behavioral Health Hospital. After graduating, Haley worked for Rock Prairie Behavioral Health as an admissions and intake clinician, CHI St. Joseph as a Senior Renewal program therapist. Haley now works at Wells Counseling Services providing therapy services to individuals and couples.

Haley and her husband Matt have been married 15 years and have 2 children.

Haley enjoys being involved in her current home church, and loves serving others. Haley’s hope is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Haley not only has experienced life’s heartbreaking trials and challenges but has also witnessed personal and marital restoration through the Lord’s goodness. The Lord offers fullness of life, which Haley believes can be experienced as people put their trust and faith in Him.

“I’m picky when I recommend Christian counselors. That’s why I can strongly recommend David Wells: Thoroughly Christian in his approach; wisely discerning in identifying core struggles; and warmly and skillfully relational in walking with people toward the life they long to experience. I would recommend David to my closest friends without hesitation.”

Dr. Larry Crabb
Clinical Psychologist
Founder & Director of New Way Ministries

“I am happy to recommend David Wells as a Christian counselor competent to counsel and to lead. I first met David Wells when I was at Breakaway and he was a counselor at Lake Pointe Church. I would speak there occasionally and the TAMU connection made for a quick friendship between us. A few years later we reconnected when I became pastor at Houston’s First and David was on our counseling staff. David brings a strong theological understanding and clinical competency to the counseling room. His passion for individuals serving in the ministry makes this position a great fit for him.”

Rev. Gregg Matte
Senior Pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church
Founding Director of Breakaway Ministries

“I have known David Wells for nearly two decades, and I can attest that he holds to the highest biblical and professional standards in his counseling ministry. His desire is to help build healthy, biblical churches by providing counseling to people experiencing difficulties in life, in ways that honor God and his Word.”

Ian F. Jones, Ph.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology and Counseling
Chairman, Division of Church & Community Ministries Baptist Community Ministries’ Chair of Pastoral Counseling New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

“David Wells is a gifted counselor with a passion for world missions. His combination of missiological and counseling acumen make him especially suited to help missionaries not only prepare for the challenges of cross-cultural ministry but also persevere in their calling to make disciples of all nations.”

Matthew Ellison
President and Church Missions Coach

“Multiple forces in our culture attempt to pull us away from solid principles of spiritual, emotional, and relational health. Yet, our soul is the most important part of who we are, and its care should not be relegated to the whims of cultural dictates. David Wells’ approach to counseling is not only caring and compassionate, it is grounded in the Truth of God’s holy Word, providing the best possible foundation to navigate whatever change or difficulty you may be experiencing.”

David Green, Ph.D, LPC-S
Christ Chapel Bible Church, Fort Worth, Connect Pastor

“David was my clinical supervisor. During our work together I learned clinical skills, ethical boundaries, but more importantly, how to walk with people through their healing journey, keeping in mind what God is already doing in their lives. I grew tremendously both professionally and personally. Today, I supervise a number of clinicians. I often reference many of the principles that I learned from David.”

David Bueno Martin, MA
LPC-S Founder of HoustonLPC.com Owner of Martin Counseling

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