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Because having a solid foundation is important to us, we are providing this list of the biblical-ethical foundations from AACC, the Ethics Statements, Biblical Principles, Ethical Principles, and more to ensure for our client that they are getting the best of service. Included is also the CAPS (Christian Association For Psychological Studies) Ethics Statement that WCS follows throughout the business.

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For more information about a variety of Christian Counseling check out the links listed. You will see a variety of companies listed that are Christian based. These companies are in correlation with Wells Counseling.
Provided is a list of recommendations for other counseling services or church Pastors. These have also been ministries that David Wells has partnered with and/or worked with. These recommendations can also be seen as reference to describe David Wells himself.

“I’m picky when I recommend Christian counselors. That’s why I can strongly recommend David Wells: Thoroughly Christian in his approach; wisely discerning in identifying core struggles; and warmly and skillfully relational in walking with people toward the life they long to experience. I would recommend David to my closest friends without hesitation.”

Dr. Larry Crabb
Clinical Psychologist
Founder & Director of New Way Ministries

“I am happy to recommend David Wells as a Christian counselor competent to counsel and to lead. I first met David Wells when I was at Breakaway and he was a counselor at Lake Pointe Church. I would speak there occasionally and the TAMU connection made for a quick friendship between us. A few years later we reconnected when I became pastor at Houston’s First and David was on our counseling staff. David brings a strong theological understanding and clinical competency to the counseling room. His passion for individuals serving in the ministry makes this position a great fit for him.”

Rev. Gregg Matte
Senior Pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church
Founding Director of Breakaway Ministries

“I have known David Wells for nearly two decades, and I can attest that he holds to the highest biblical and professional standards in his counseling ministry. His desire is to help build healthy, biblical churches by providing counseling to people experiencing difficulties in life, in ways that honor God and his Word.”

Ian F. Jones, Ph.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology and Counseling
Chairman, Division of Church & Community Ministries Baptist Community Ministries’ Chair of Pastoral Counseling New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

“David Wells is a gifted counselor with a passion for world missions. His combination of missiological and counseling acumen make him especially suited to help missionaries not only prepare for the challenges of cross-cultural ministry but also persevere in their calling to make disciples of all nations.”

Matthew Ellison
President and Church Missions Coach

“Multiple forces in our culture attempt to pull us away from solid principles of spiritual, emotional, and relational health. Yet, our soul is the most important part of who we are, and its care should not be relegated to the whims of cultural dictates. David Wells’ approach to counseling is not only caring and compassionate, it is grounded in the Truth of God’s holy Word, providing the best possible foundation to navigate whatever change or difficulty you may be experiencing.”

David Green, Ph.D, LPC-S
Christ Chapel Bible Church, Fort Worth, Connect Pastor

“David was my clinical supervisor. During our work together I learned clinical skills, ethical boundaries, but more importantly, how to walk with people through their healing journey, keeping in mind what God is already doing in their lives. I grew tremendously both professionally and personally. Today, I supervise a number of clinicians. I often reference many of the principles that I learned from David.”

David Bueno Martin, MA
LPC-S Founder of HoustonLPC.com Owner of Martin Counseling

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